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Yoga for Golfers - Single Class

Yoga for golfers is a class that is designed to help those that wish to get the most out of their golf game, but may be limited by tight muscles, lack of rotation, fluidity and flexibility. This class is open to all ages, shapes, sizes, level of strength, flexibility or handicap. This class will introduce participants to basic yoga poses to help lengthen tight muscles to increase flexibility, address imbalances in the and increase mobility. This class will move slowly with lots of attention to alignment, breath and stability in order to stay supported and safe. Practicing yoga can also be helpful with the mental part of golf. We will use mindfulness techniques to help improve focus, clarity and calm.

Props will not be supplied for this class. Please bring what you would need for practice including a yoga mat. Other suggestions for props are a block, strap or towel.

This class is being offered virtually. Please indicate if you would like to take this class in-person or virtually during checkout.